Monday, March 9, 2009

"Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get..." (Forest Gump)

Isn't it true? That's what makes life so difficult. When we think we've got it under control, it throws another one at us. We're constantly trying to juggle and make sense of our world and the events of our lives. Even if we play it safe, there's always something that is beyond our control... like the recent US credit & housing crisis, financial crisis, stockmarket meltdown, economic slowdown, recession, depression, ... whatever you want to call it. Then there's the unexpected war, bushfire, flood, tsunami, accidents, mass shooting, sudden rage of violence or simply just your partner walking out. The news is plastered with abuse and tragedies of all sorts that we sometimes fail to prevent or cannot prevent.

How do we cope when something like that happens to us?

How do we cope even with the seemingly little things in our own personal world that doesn't get plastered on the news. Things like work bully at our workplace, our rocky relationships, our unruly and disrespectful children, loneliness, mental illness or things just falling apart for us.

We will touch on those issues and whatever else that is relevant to having a beautiful mind.

Feel free to put topics of interest to you down for later blogs and discussion.