Saturday, April 11, 2009


I just heard the son of someone I know from church committed his 3rd suicide attempt. And as I sat at the pew hearing his mum share about his life and her family, I heard a certain strength in her voice. A courage that has carried her through many, many heartaches and disappointments. Both her and her son has been subject to the same circumstances but what makes her different from her son? Partly his genetic make-up, partly his other separate and unique experiences and partly the lack of tools he has to weather tough times. Whilst his mother is able to turn to the strength of the one she believes in, Yahweh God, this poor young man felt he had no one to go to in his darkest hour. She had hope and he felt he didn't. Her notable strength from her 15 mins of sharing is her humility and faith in a higher being. I'm sure his son has strenghts he is not aware of based on the fact that he had lasted this long without ending his life.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. How do we tap into our strengths and minimise our weakness? Are we aware of our strengths? Do we have support systems in place in our lives to weather through tough times?

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